Compounding Machines


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I am intensely interested in anything related to business and investing. I established this blog with hopes of improving my thought process by forcing myself to put investment ideas into written word.  I also hope this blog will serve as a platform to interact with fellow “value” investors.

To give you a sense of how I view the world, my business heroes include: Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Charlie Munger, Sardar Biglari, Eddie Lampert, Bruce Berkowitz, Prem Watsa, Joel Greenblatt, Mohnish Pabrai and Henry Singleton.

I believe in this thought from Warren Buffett:

“The qualities of the (heroes) you admire are the traits that you, with a little practice, can make your own, and that, if practiced, will become habit-forming.”  – Warren Buffett

You can reach me via email at CompMach(at)  I would love to hear from you!

Written by sdinvest

December 23, 2008 at 5:38 pm

5 Responses

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  1. I just wanted to write and congratulate you on the wonderful work you do with this website. Everything I have read here has been not only tremendously interesting, but also a great learning experience. I’m sure this takes a huge amount of time and effort on your part. Anyway, thank you very much indeed. your efforts are greatly appreciated out here in cyberspace – even if you don’t know it!


    March 14, 2009 at 2:35 am

    • Thanks James I appreciate the kind words. I am glad you enjoy the blog!


      March 14, 2009 at 5:32 am

  2. Your hard work and details are fantastic. You inspire me to dig a little deeper into the financials of the companies I follow. I greatly appreciate you posting your notes from the Sears meeting. I’ve gone to the meeting for BRK in the past and have been considering also going to the Sears meeting too. I think I’ll try to do both next year. I’ll be back to your site. Great work and I love the name of your site. See you.

    N Knapton

    N Knapton

    August 29, 2009 at 11:12 pm

  3. Dear sdinvest, I really enjoyed your blog, especially the scanned Moody’s Manual pages. I tried to reach you through eMail on November 10th but it seems the mail didn’t reach you. Maybe you can leave me a message and I’ll get back to you…

    Best regards,

    Phillip Hauser

    November 18, 2009 at 7:11 pm

  4. Enjoy the site. Thank you for the work.

    Mitchell Schorr

    April 13, 2011 at 7:40 pm

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